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The Top Austin Photographers, 2018 - The List

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Michael L
Pentax K-1; Pentax K-1
My name is Michael Lunceford. I’m the principal photographer at Sky of Texas Wedding Photography. I took up photography in 2003, and started shooting weddings professionally in 2010. Since then, I have branched into other forms of photography including real estate, portraits, family, food, and even automobiles. I like doing varied types of photography because things I learn in one form tend to find their way into others. This keeps me fresh and stimulated.
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Ty W
Sony Alpha 7R II; Nikon D5200
Ty West is an experienced professional photographer who has worked with many clients and customers, including the Texas Senate, in Austin, TX and Orlando, FL for 6 years. She has a degree in graphic design and specializes in interior design photography and photojournalism. She also has extensive experience in event and headshot photography.
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Debra R
Canon EOS-1D Mark II
Debbie Reyes is an experienced professional photographer who has worked with many clients and customers all over the world for over 5 years. She has a bachelors degree in photography from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. She specializes in black & white fine art photography but is happy to do any kind of work! Having completed over 300 shoots around the world she has experience in everything from real estate and product photography to small scale and large scale events and festivals.
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Featured photographer

Michael L, Austin Photographer

Michael L

How did you get started with photography?

I needed a creative outlet to replace playing music. (Family obligations precluded outside the home activities.)

What type of shoots do you enjoy doing the most?

Weddings. I love photographing people, and weddings represent human expression at its very best. I try to tell the story as completely as possible, capturing details, candid moments, and the beauty and pageantry of the event. Another reason for my attraction to wedding photography is the challenge. Very few art forms are more challenging. Photographing weddings requires a variety of skills including expertise with cameras, flash techniques, shooting in various lighting, posing, and people skills. The wedding photographer must be able to utilize his skills in constantly changing, fast paced environments, under pressure, with no second chances. Having been a jazz musician, I am comfortable working spontaneously.

What are some of your favorite places in Austin to take photographs?

Downtown Austin, Butler Park, South Congress, and the Hill Country.

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Austin Photography Statistics

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Average job star rating 5
Austin photography jobs per day 717
Average length of photography job (hours) 3.8
Photos taken per hour in Austin 6845
Most popular Austin zip/post codes for bookings , , , ,

Featured photographer

Ty W, Austin Photographer

Ty W

How did you get started with photography?

I got started with photography in high school. I loved the feeling of capturing moments and trying to see underneath the surface. After staring at computer screens for far too long as a graphic designer, I decided to pursue my passion for photography instead, and I have never looked back.

What type of shoots do you enjoy doing the most?

I truly enjoy photojournalism, capturing authentic moments during an event, occasion, or family story. I also enjoy the zen and quiet stillness of interior design photography.

What are some of your favorite places in Austin to take photographs?

My favorite places to shoot our in homes, in front of cool city backdrops, and out in nature.

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