Top 5 Portrait Photographers in Brisbane

Maintaining a strong personal brand is key to work and business in Brisbane, and great portrait photography plays a big part. Brisbane has a wide range of photographers who specialise in corporate headshots and portraiture of all kinds. They key is finding someone who can create the style of portrait photography that you're looking for - whether it is posed, environmental or candid. To maximise the chances of finding the right Brisbane headshot photographer for your requirments, your best bet is Snappr. As a curated platform, Snappr provides only the best Brisbane portait photographers, and matches you instantly.

The Top Brisbane Portrait Photographers, 2017 - The List

Browse these top-rated Portrait photographers from Brisbane, Qld, Australia.

Erika M
Canon EOS 7D
Erika is a Queensland based photographer originally from Hungary. From a very early age, Erika has always had an eye for beauty. She loved painting & sculpturing during her high-school years, and this served as a natural transition into photography for a career. Since then her passion has never stopped growing and this has resulted in a highly diverse set of skills across all shoot types.
Jaime F
Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Jaime's passion for photography started whilst travelling the world in her early twenties. Street photography in Rome, Oslo, Ho Chi Minh City and New Delhi, dramatic landscapes in Southern France, Morocco and India, this is what kickstarted her love of capturing through the lens. Fastforward to today where she hones her creativity on weddings, documentary storytelling through family photography, and out-of-the-box portraits for local creatives. She prides herself on each shoot being different from the last, always seeking new locations and inspiration for her clients.
Tammy L
Canon EOS 5D Mark III; Canon EOS 5D Mark II
The work of Brisbane based photographer Tammy explores stories that stem from everyday experiences. Tammy's images have been showcased in national and international publications such as The Sydney Morning Herald, Monocle Magazine, Broadsheet and The Big Issue. Through her work Tammy has a keen interest in showcasing how the ordinary can become extraordinary.
Carolyn H
Canon EOS 6D
Carolyn is a Brisbane based photographer catering in different fields of event, fashion, portraiture, and lifestyle. Being in the industry for over 3 years including freelancing, Carolyn is equipped with the experience and knowledge to deliver the client's needs. Carolyn has an extensive portfolio in numerous specialties, giving her the eye to pursue the best images possible.
Bex H
Canon EOS 6D
Bex is a portrait photographer and has been enjoying this work professionally for the past three years. She excels in blending in with her surroundings and creating an image at just the right moment. Not only are her images full of raw emotion, but she has an ability to see and read the light to produce a quality image. Her images are full of drama and her use of shadows creates a real deep sense of mood. Her photography has a raw quality to it that makes you feel as if you are truly present in the image.

Ratings for Brisbane portrait photographers

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Brought all the necessary equipment to get shots of my team. A+ experience.


Despite the poor natural lighting in the park, she managed to get some fantastic shots. Super stoked!


What an amazing experience. Snappr is the future.


He gave a lot of direction and helped me get the shots I was after.


Efficient and effective use of time. Great headshots for my LinkedIn.



Professional, friendly and easy to get along with!

Tanya M

Brisbane Portrait Photographer
Brisbane Profile Photographer
Brisbane Headshot Photographer

Brisbane headshot photography stats

The statistics for portrait photographer activity in Brisbane, estimated.

Average Portrait job star rating 4.7
Brisbane Portrait photography jobs per day 225
Average length of Portrait photography job (hours) 1.5
Portrait Photos taken per hour in Brisbane 844
Most popular Brisbane zip/post codes for bookings 3021, 3146, 3000, 3192, 3108

Featured photographer

John Smith

How did you get started with photography?

I got started with photography when my grandfather gave me a manual film camera when I was 10. I loved the feeling of being able to capture memories and create art - it was my creative outlet. At 16, my father bought me a DSLR camera and enrolled me in a 2 month photography course which allowed me to hone my skills and turn this hobby into a passion.

What do you love about your job?

I love telling stories. They say a picture is worth a thousand words - it's true. Photography allows me to capture special moments in people's lives and share their story in a way that is honest, artistic, and unique. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the smile on my clients' faces when they go through the photo album for the first time. Their eyes light up as they remember the day of the shoot - a wedding, engagement, birthday, etc. I love that I get to create that moment of joy.

Example Event Photography bookings in Sydney

"Event shoot for a ball"

Surry Hills, NSW 2010


We have a ball coming up and would like to get pictures of the crowd


2 hours


All high-resolution digitals


price for everything

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