Top 5 Real Estate Photographers in Brisbane

Brisbane's real estate market is hot, and listings rise and fall based on the quality of property photography. Research has shown that better real estate photos can lead to substantially higher house sale prices and better-performing airbnb listings. In order to get the best photography for your Brisbane property, you need the best Brisbane photographers. Snappr receives dozens of applications from Brisbane real estate photographers and accepts only the top ~10% onto the platform. So you can be assured that if you book your next property sale, rent or airbnb photography job through Snappr, you'll be getting great talent.

The Top Brisbane Real Estate Photographers, 2017 - The List

Browse these top-rated Real Estate photographers from Brisbane, Qld, Australia.

Peter C
Canon EOS 5DS; Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Peter is a Brisbane based photographer specilised in shooting weddings, portraits, events and real estate. He is highly professional and aims to capture beautiful and unexpected moments. Through his techniques, he crafts unique photographs which are both artistic and breathtaking. Peter always strives to document the people, place and day in a natural way.
Jacob C
Canon EOS 5D Mark III; Canon EOS 6D
Jacob is a Brisbane based photographer who has worked for numerous retail and online marketing companies. He has a genuine passion for the art of photography and always wants to challenge himself to deliver stunning and new innovative photos. Customer satisfaction is his driving factor during each and every assignment.
Zita C
Canon EOS 5D Mark III; Canon EOS 6D
Zita is a Brisbane based photographer who has been fortunate enough to capture so many memorable moments in her life and being able to share them with her family and friends. Photography became her passion the moment she got her first camera and she maintains a high degree of professionalism with a personalised touch. Wealth does not make you rich, memories are priceless.
Craig S
Nikon D750; Nikon D600
Craig has a client centred approach to photography and loves to capture the beauty of the moment regardless of whether it is a person or an inanimate object. Craig relishes in capturing the story of his photographic subjects. Craig has always loved photography and over last several years has formalised and refined his photographic skills.
Sara G
Nikon D810; Nikon D7100
Italian born Sara started as graphic designer and decided later that photography would combine her passion of art and outdoor living. She considers herself extremely organised. Her services are always top rated for the quality of her work, deadlines and customer service. Her side passions are car and motorbikes, she is an ex racer and for this reason she likes to compete with herself in the everyday challenges of her work. Very experieced as commercial and weddings photographer. Her style is unique and she combines energy, fun and emotions in every single shot.

Latest reviews for Brisbane Real Estate Photographers

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Photos turned out great! Highly recommend.


Helped with the little decorations and rearranging pieces. Really extracted the best shots.


Thanks for a great experience.


Fantastic HDR shots my investment property. Well done.


Nice young lady. Thanks so much.

Colin S

Lovely lady.

Jodie M

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Brisbane real estate photography stats

The estimated numbers on real estate photography taking place in Brisbane.

Average Real Estate job star rating 4.7
Brisbane Real Estate photography jobs per day 90
Average length of Real Estate photography job (hours) 2.5
Real Estate Photos taken per hour in Brisbane 563
Most popular Brisbane zip/post codes for bookings 4179, 4061, 4000, 4113, 4113

Featured photographer

John Smith

How did you get started with photography?

I got started with photography when my grandfather gave me a manual film camera when I was 10. I loved the feeling of being able to capture memories and create art - it was my creative outlet. At 16, my father bought me a DSLR camera and enrolled me in a 2 month photography course which allowed me to hone my skills and turn this hobby into a passion.

What do you love about your job?

I love telling stories. They say a picture is worth a thousand words - it's true. Photography allows me to capture special moments in people's lives and share their story in a way that is honest, artistic, and unique. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the smile on my clients' faces when they go through the photo album for the first time. Their eyes light up as they remember the day of the shoot - a wedding, engagement, birthday, etc. I love that I get to create that moment of joy.

Example Event Photography bookings in Sydney

"Event shoot for a ball"

Surry Hills, NSW 2010


We have a ball coming up and would like to get pictures of the crowd


2 hours


All high-resolution digitals


price for everything

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