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The Top San Jose Photographers, 2017 - The List

Browse these top-rated photographers from San Jose, CA, United States.

Sina B
San Jose
Sony Alpha a9
Flash goes off, and the memory is forever captured. Every detail of the photo serves him a purpose. He's told a story with no words, leading the viewer from one point to another, directing them to focus on the objective of the photo. His passion is the smile of the viewer or the 'aahh!' moment!
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Bobak R
San Jose
Canon EOS 6D; Canon EOS 7D
I am an Iranian-American Multimedia Designer & Photographer. I have had the great privilege of photographing throughout my two home countries of Iran and the United States of America as well as throughout myriad countries around the world like Iceland, Italy, Ireland, France, and many more.​I believe that my work captures the feeling of awe I experience when I submerge myself in novel urban and natural environments and conveys the humility I feel when I delve into the unsurpassable beauty of people's everyday lives and interactions. Received my Bachelor of Arts in Film & Digital Media Production at University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC) in June, 2012. I was part of a collectively produced documentary film called Exit 426: Watsonville made by UCSC students that won the best Student Produced Film at the 2012, Santa Cruz Film Festival. Most recent published book is a collaboration work with the award-winning author and candida expert Ann Boroch.
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Jennifer C
San Jose
Canon EOS 6D
Jennifer specializes in product, portrait, interior and event photography. She has a BFA in Graphic Design & Photography and over seven years of experience working in the field. Jennifer passion for artistic photography together with her work experience in digital allows her to capture and convey unique moments. Jennifer likes to work on different aesthetics without being enclosed to a unique style. She is also interested in participating in the creative process before the photographic productions.
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Tom H
San Jose
Canon EOS 5D Mark III
I have been shooting for over thirteen years professionally full-time, prior to this I apprenticed for 3 years and also received a B.A. In photography prior to apprenticing in Santa Barbara California.
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Tara C
San Jose
Nikon D810
Tara was born and raised in San Jose, California. From the moment you first interact with her you will see her personality as easy going and reliable. Whether she is rigorously working, hiking in the woods or lost in her creativity, you will always see a smile on her face. It's the emotion in the image that makes the magic, and Tara strives to capture the unguarded moments when people forget they are in front of her lens. Tara is especially skilled at unobtrusively capturing all the details from the biggest moments you remember to that split second you may have overlooked.
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Marcus A
San Jose
Canon 5D Mark III; Canon 5D; Canon 70D
Marcus eats, breaths, sleeps and lives photography. As a full time professional, Marcus is always in studio, studying, editing, shooting and planning shoots for clients. He's extremely motivated and driven with a fire inside. He's also a Certified Professional Photographer of America and Public Relations head of the Professional Photographers of Santa Clara Valley. He is an elite creative with the trustworthiness and accountability to deliver every time.
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Irina M
San Jose
Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Irina has a degree in Engineering, but her heart has always belonged to photography. Photography isn't just a job for her, it's her passion, a great source of pleasure for her. Irina tries to show all beauty of people through her photographs.
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Lin C
San Jose
Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Lin is a 10-year professional travel & documentary photographer from China. She has loved photography since she was a teenager, and specializes in bringing out the beauty, grace, and enthusiasm of people and their special moments.
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Ondrej K
San Jose
Nikon D750; Nikon D800
Ondrej is an expert photographer specializing in lifestyle portraits, corporate/conferences and weddings with emphasis both on classic style and photojournalism. An amazing story-teller, who takes captivating images that describe the stories unique to each individual photo shoot. Shooting predominantly on digital format, Ondrej also masters both medium and 35mm cameras and is capable of capturing breathtaking Black and white images.
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Dass A
San Jose
Nikon D5; Nikon D850
Dass is professional photographers that specialize in groups, conventions, events, portraits, weddings, product, sports and fashion. Dass has worked with many companies in USA, Canada, Mexico and Europe for over 18 years. Having completed over 5000 shoots on his career, having been hired by companies such as Airbnb, Google, AT&T, Bank of America, Bupa, Cheese Cake Factory, CLINIQUE, GMAC, Microsoft Corp., Pfizer, etc.
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Recent customer reviews of these San Jose Photographers

Hear what customers are saying about the top-rated Snappr Photographers from San Jose, CA, United States. (Includes reviews for: Personal, Business, Non-profit, , , , , , , .)

Average rating of 4.9 out of 5 based on 20 reviews for Snappr Photographers in San Jose.

Tara has an amazing eye for the shot and is open about what she's going for in a shot and she'll make sure it matches up with your desires as well. She's extremely helpful in positioning and adjustments are fast and intuitive with her direction. I would love to have all of my pictures taken by her.


Working with Irina was easy from start to finish. She gave good direction and tried a number of different poses. I didn't know how the photos would turn out, but she has a good eye and knows how to bring out the best in the subject. I was more than pleased with the photos.


Lin gave me a very wonderful experience! She is very nice and patient to me, and advised me lots of poses. I am surprised by her professionalism and like the photos very much!


Chen Lin is very interest in and good at taking pictures. She is very professional on the photograph. She could always find photographing angle and presenting many stunning photos for us.


Sina was great. A true professional. We have just started a new business and we're on a budget. I discussed all of that, he asked what I was looking for and what sort of price range I had in mind and he would work with me and was more interested in the work then to hassle. Highly recommended.


I was very happy with my portraits. Marcus captured very well who I am as a person, and the imagery fit my personality.  I also think Marcus is a craftsman in his trade, and his attention to detail - body positioning, facial expression, highlights, shadows, exposure... is A+ in my book!!!


Sina has photographed our wedding events and has always been fun, and very professional. He turned our photographs around in the matter of a couple days. His equipment is also very professional (no shutter sounds when taking pics was great). He was on time and engaged with us just the right amount.


I am extremely happy with the photos Lin took of me! She has great ideas for poses and angles! She is very professional and prepared. She brought some sophisticated accessories to increment the pictures. I received many compliments for the pictures. I would totally recommend her! She is the best!


Jennifer was absolutely amazing and a true artist. You can tell she loves photography. She knows exactly the best angles and shots to bring out the best! Highly recommended!


Jennifer ran several photo shoots for my clothing brand. With professionalism and creativity she managed to highlight the product in the best way possible. I could not be happier with the result. It is a joy to work with her, always contributing ideas and going for the extra mile!


It's been great being portrayed by Jennifer. She's extremely kind and makes you feel really comfortable. Extraordinary all her work. That's why I chose her and I'll definitely choose her again.


I truly love Jenniffer's work. She is brillant, very professional, simple and easy going. She did the photoshoot for my new menu and they turned up just like I wanted. She helped me turn my ideas into reality, with great aesthetic eye and always taking in consideration what i wanted.


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Featured photographer

Bobak R, San Jose Photographer

Bobak R

How did you get started with photography?

I fell in love with photography as I was studying Film & Digital Media Production at UC, Santa Cruz.

What type of shoots do you enjoy doing the most?

1. Food Photography2. Landscape Photography 3. Portrait Photography4. Architectural Photography, Event Photography.

What are some of your favorite places in San Jose to take photographs?

Walk around in local parks, and hang out in small local restaurants to find good shots for my next assignment.

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San Jose Photography Statistics

A statistical snapshot of Personal, Business, Non-profit, , , , , , , , and similar shoots in San Jose, CA. Estimated.

Average job star rating 4.6
San Jose photography jobs per day 368
Average length of photography job (hours) 3.8
Photos taken per hour in San Jose 3509
Most popular San Jose zip/post codes for bookings 95120, 95138, 95135, 95148, 95119

Featured photographer

Jennifer C, San Jose Photographer

Jennifer C

How did you get started with photography?

I started photography while doing my BFA because I realized that photography was a very powerful tool to communicate and would complement with my background in Graphic Design. I started with film cameras, developing and copying in the dark room and I instantly felt in love with photography. Afterwards, I started working with digital and assisting professional photographers on multiple projects such as product, portraits, interior and events. After working at multiple studios for 5 years, I decided to launch my studio and do what enjoy the most: photography and graphic design.

What type of shoots do you enjoy doing the most?

I like working mostly with product, interior, portrait and event photography. When working with product and interior photography, I like to spend time learning more about the object, looking for the best perspective and suitable light to enhance their qualities. I like to capture small details, highlight distinctive aspects in order to capture the essence of the asset being portrayed. I love doing portrait photography, specially headshots, because it involves both capturing the professional and intimate side of the person in one shot. I have had the opportunity to do many corporate headshots in the past and I always enjoy the process and receiving their feedback about my work. Lastly event photography feels like being a photojournalist, capturing unique moments and expressions that will be stored forever.

What are some of your favorite places in San Jose to take photographs?

California has a unique light, any spot in the city or the beach can surprise us with a great picture :)

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Surry Hills, NSW 2010


We have a ball coming up and would like to get pictures of the crowd


2 hours


All high-resolution digitals


price for everything

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