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The Top Seattle Family Photographers, 2018 - The List

Browse these top-rated Family photographers from Seattle, WA, United States.

Alaina C
Canon EOS 5D Mark III; Nikon D5100
Alaina is a successful photographer that has confidently served the King County area since 2013. While her work is diverse in nature, she specializes in portraiture and product photography.
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Rich W
Nikon D850; Nikon D750; Nikon D700
Began as a landscape photographer back in the days of film. Starting out with film, well before the age of digital cameras, one learns how to get things right “in the camera” without the benefit of software to edit, adjust or correct an image after the image has been captured. Specializing in general photography or a photographer of nouns… people, places and things. The camera is little more than a tool, but an important tool, to communicate and tell stories with. Photography is about simplicity. It is about conveying a message. It is about the feeling and the connection that a good image creates for people. Work in the last year or two has largely concentrated on portrait, pet, wedding, architectural and real estate photography.
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Kailee P
Canon EOS 5D Mark III; Canon EOS 7D
Kailee is a professional photographer serving the Seatte/Eastside community for six years. Kailee began her business at age 15 with a high school senior portrait shoot. She then went on to study business at Bellevue College and got a certificate in Entrepreneurship and then went to the University of Washington to get a certificate in Photography. She has shot all kinds of portraits including weddings, families, seniors, events, concerts, fashion, and more! She is continuing education by being a second shooter with other successful photographers and is helping mentor the next generation of creatives with one on one teaching.
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Featured photographer

Alaina C, Seattle Photographer

Alaina C

How did you get started with photography?

I found my start in photography during my high school years. Often, I could be found working or assisting in the darkroom. I appreciated the outlet that photography offered me. I would often turn to that outlet well into adulthood. After moving to Washington, I decided to take action to turn my photography dream into a viable career.

What type of shoots do you enjoy doing the most?

My goal is to make my clients look and, more importantly, feel amazing. I love being able to inspire that feeling.My favorite types of shoots are glamor, boudoir, family, maternity, couples, and children. Basically, anything fueled by love; love for others or for one's self.Product shoots allow for me to truly take my time and devote myself to each detail. It is an almost zen like activity for me.

What are some of your favorite places in Seattle to take photographs?

I am in love with Marymoor Park. I have a few other locations spread about King County but Marymoor tends to have a wide variety of location options. I also have a home studio.

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Seattle Family Photography Statistics

A statistical snapshot of Family, Children, Kids, , , , , , , , and similar shoots in Seattle, WA. Estimated.

Average Family job star rating 5
Seattle Family photography jobs per day 13
Average length of Family photography job (hours) 2
Family Photos taken per hour in Seattle 63
Most popular Seattle zip/post codes for bookings 98101, 98104, 98121, 98122, 98102

Featured photographer

Rich W, Seattle Photographer

Rich W

How did you get started with photography?

When I was very young I became fascinated with my grandfather's slideshows of his many fishing trips in Alaska. I loved how meticulous he was with his prized cameras. Besides my grandfather teaching me about light, color, exposure and composition, he also taught me the value of photography. That it was far more than a means to capture memories. It was a way to create a connection and evoke emotion among people.

What type of shoots do you enjoy doing the most?

I don’t think there is a particular “type” of shoot that I do or do not enjoy working on. I love any shoot where I can play with and explore the shadows, light and color that is in front of my camera. And of course doing so in a manner that creates the image I or my clients are looking for. I also really enjoy those shoots where I have the freedom to capture the essence of the story the image is trying to tell.

What are some of your favorite places in Seattle to take photographs?

I like seeking out those spots in and around Seattle and throughout the Pacific Northwest that have not been over-photographed, which is no easy task! Especially if it is a location that speaks to the history of the area like an old factory, a vintage sign, or hand set brick road.

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"Event shoot for a ball"

Surry Hills, NSW 2010


We have a ball coming up and would like to get pictures of the crowd


2 hours


All high-resolution digitals


price for everything

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How breath-taking would it be to have a huge framed portrait of your lovely family, set against the backdrop of the vibrant Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum? Better yet, if you are a family of science buffs, you could have your photo taken at the family-friendly Pacific Science Museum. Between the planetarium and the 2-ton granite ball, which is your backdrop of choice? The next time your family is in the Emerald City, make the holiday even more memorable by booking a professional photo shoot with Snappr. With its numerous parks, hilly topography, scenic skyline, deep rich history and the pleasant people, Seattle is the ultimate family-friendly holiday destination.

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