Snappr Arrives in LA and Orange County

Here's what we're thankful for this November - Snappr is launching in Los Angeles and Orange County on November 30th.

Roll out the red carpet LA, Snappr is ready to hit the big time.

Beginning on Thursday, November 30th, Snappr will be available across Los Angeles and Orange County. We're excited about this for many reasons (finally having access to a Good Earth Cafe, for example), but there are two that stand out. First, Snappr's launch in LA and the OC means that Snappr will be available in every major metropolitan area on the West Coast and also makes us the largest on-demand photographer marketplace on the west coast.

Second, we're thrilled to be able to make Snappr available to millions more people who we think will get the most benefit out of it. For example, there are more than 320,000 college students in Los Angeles alone who'll now have a fantastic and accessible resource for graduation photos and the profile pictures that will help them launch their careers. It's 135,000 actors and actresses will no longer need to sift through pages and pages of online directories to book a great headshot, and the professional photographers of the area have a new tool to modernize and streamline their photography businesses.

Cool! What’s Snappr again?

Snappr is America’s newest photographer marketplace. We connect professional photographers and people looking for professional photographers to connect on our easy-to-use platform. Customers love us because we make it easier and more affordable than ever before to hire a photographer with as little as 12 hours of notice. Photographers love us because we help them find and book clients without any of the hassle and expense associated with marketing yourself as a photographer.

After getting its start in Australia, Snappr arrived in the US in San Francisco, where we joined the Y Combinator class of W'17. We've been growing fast ever since. You can read about our recent Northwest expansion in Geekwire and our San Diego arrival in the San Diego Union Tribune.

Why would I use Snappr?

Snappr works by removing the huge overhead that most professional photographers need to deal with when running their photography businesses and by creating an easy, on-demand way to book these pros. That means Snappr is the easiest way to hire a professional photographer, and we enable you to book an extremely talented pro at a fraction of the price they would normally need to charge.

If you want top-notch images of yourself, your family, or your next event, Snappr lets you book a talented photographer for as little as $59 with just a few clicks.

Who are the Snappr photographers?

Snappr photographers are local professionals who apply to join our platform. Because quality is critical to us, we accept just the top 5% of applicants. What remains is a super talented group photographers who specialize in a variety of disciplines - from product and newborn photography to profile portraits and pet pictures.

How can I give Snappr a try?

Simple - book a photographer online right now to update your LinkedIn profile picture, immortalize the family dog with a sparkling portrait, or capture your next company meet-n-greet.

Adam Griffith

Marketing Manager