Top 5 Beautiful Spots to Host an Outdoor Party in Seattle

Photographers and event planners alike are always looking for particularly beautiful places to host outdoor parties. These are our favorite 5 in Seattle.

As a photographer working in Seattle, you  want to take on projects that will do justice to your work to make sure that your photographs are stunning enough to attract more potential customers. By  being the photographer for outdoor parties in Seattle, you have the beauty of  nature to add to your already stunning photos. Following is a list of the five  most photogenic places to host outdoor parties in Seattle:

Froggsong Gardens

Just an hour away by ferry from Seattle,  Froggsong Gardens consists of 16 acres of landscape that resembles something  out of a fairy tale. 

The garden is filled with an enormous  variety of blossoming, colorful spring flowers like classic Dutch tulips, daffodils, hyacinths,  French tulips, lilies and crocuses. These, together with the perfectly  manicured, green sloping lawns next to the recirculating stream is an ideal  setting for any outdoor event. Truly an absolutely stunning place where the  extent of your photographic creativity will come across in your photographs. 

Bloedel Reserve

Just some of the features of Bloedel Reserve that makes it an ideal place to show off your photographic experience,  include dense woodland trails, soothing, tinkling water features, large gardens  and sweeping landscapes. The unimpeded views of Puget Sound, an enormous array  of perennial shrubs and trees indigenous to the area, gives one the feeling of  being in a magical woodland garden. Bloedel Reserve has an abundance of  magnolias, primroses, azaleas and rhodendrons all over the 150-acre property,  making it the ideal backdrop for the most spectacular of photographs. 

Heronswood Gardens

Heronswood Gardens, a botanical garden  situated in Kingston, was founded in 1987 and is famous for its huge collection  of flowers from all over the globe. Home to more than 8000 different species of  plants, the garden is a photographer’s dream. The perfectly groomed garden  consists of eight garden beds each planted with a variety of flowers, trees and  shrubs. With the fragrance of irises, peonies, dogwood, blue poppies and lady  slipper orchids, among others filling the air, Heronswood Gardens is definitely  high on the list of the best places to host outdoor parties in Seattle.

Volunteer Park Conservatory

Volunteer Park Conservatory, built way back  in 1912 by the Olmstead brothers, is situated in Volunteer Park in Capitol Hill  and offers a beautiful, intimate setting for an outdoor garden party. Inspired  by the Crystal Palace in London, Volunteer Park Conservatory consists of a Victorian-style  greenhouse, home to an enormous collection of palms, ferns, cacti and  bromeliads. Being an intimate garden setting, Volunteer Park Conservatory is  perfect not only for outdoor parties, but ab ideal place too, for couples to  tie the knot.

Kubota Garden

Brim-full of history, the 4,5 acres that  make up Kubota Gardens, situated in the center of South Seattle, is an exquisite  landscape setting for hosting outdoor events. Designed in 1927 by landscaper  Fujitora Kubota, the tranquil garden very soon became the cultural keystone for  the Japanese community in the area. 

This beautiful, historical landmark  contains meandering streams, ponds, waterfalls and stone outcroppings and provides a peaceful haven for the vibrant and lively neighborhood. The  famous “Heart Bridge” in Kubota Garden forms the perfect backdrop for  photographs.

Adam Griffith

Marketing Manager