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Most of Austin's training has been first hand and in the field, the result of interacting with other more experienced and seasoned photographers. Specifically, the majority of his experience came from five his years as an assistant. Since then in running his own studio, depending on the specific genre, he has learned quite a bit from experimenting with refining different techniques or approaches that he had initially learned as an assistant. Austin has also garnered a fair amount of knowledge working within all the varying standards he has had to meet for all the different clients that been contracted with him and his studio. Pertaining to his education, while his bachelor's degree is in English and his master's degree is in business administration, he also completed a minor in photography.

Overall, his passion for photography lies within the significance of what the profession can provide- an outlet for creativity and direct personal impact. Maya Angelou once said, "Life is not measured by the moments you breathe, but by the moments that take your breath away." His personal theme and focus as a photographer has always been, when possible, to creatively and consistently capture all of the aspects and parts of life and living that do and are as Maya Angelou described in that quote in the form of images. While this always isn't possible in some fields, for some genres such as in wedding photography, it is very much applicable and true.

As Austin frequently tells others when asked why he works as a photographer and his passion for his job, there are very few other lines of work know of where someone can share in the what are often the most special and unique days of a given person's life, connect with them on a personal level, and then be able to provide them with every breathtaking and worthwhile moment captured in the vivid detail and the form of rendering that photos as a medium provide. That significance and special ability is one that most 9-5 professions simply cannot provide and why he became a photographer to begin with and now owns a photography studio, Studio 42 Photography.

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What do you love about your job?

There is so much I could choose to talk about in this regard. One particular feature I love of my profession has to do with with photography in the physics that go into capturing an image. For as much as the technology behind photography has evolved, the raw elements of photography are light and time, and those two basic parts that compose a photo of any given moment are still very much the same. With that in mind, every photo you take is the captured, permanent reflection of the light and time of a given moment. Life moves so fast, so quick, and there is not another medium, especially as an art, I can think of that has the immediacy and ability photography does to capture all the different aspects that encompass life and living. Being that most of the photography I am hired for involves capturing very special moments of celebration or once in a lifetime events, I have always taken pride in knowing what the simple physics behind photography allow to be achieved and accomplished in the moments that are captured.

Another magnetic aspect of photography and being a photographer the I love is the potential, the potential to create an amazing shot that can be surmised at any time. With the right knowledge, vision and attention to detail, at any given moment with a camera in hand, there is the chance to take and capture a truly unique and beautiful image, one that is yours and yours alone.

Being that I also work in a number of fields professionally from concert photography to events and weddings, I also love the fact that photography is a lot like a vehicle, allowing me meet other people from different walks of life and also gain new perspectives on life and living than I wouldn't be able to experience as often as I do and have done, otherwise.

What types of shoots have you done and how did you make them special?

If you can name it, I have probably done it at one point or another- weddings, food, products, portraits, sports, events, nature, maternity, engagement, real estate.

What makes a shoot unique or special to me isn't so much the genre, it's the people, the clients you're involved with, and the moment there within at the time of the shoot that make any particular shoot special and unique. Often, a given client will have their vision for what they want their images to look like and you as the photographer will often have your own vision or perspective and through some collaboration in tandem with your knowledge and skill, some great pictures can come as a result.

Awards, honors, and recognitions received

The praise and appreciation of my clients maybe? haha

A fun fact about this photographer

Besides being a photographer, I am an author and have even been on a book tour. I have two novels in print, Somewhere with the Wind and One Last Cast.

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