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Growing up in Hollywood, I was attracted to the TV industry and completed a Bachelor's degree in TV/film production. In college I learned about video lighting and composition, which is critical in still shots as well. Photography was a hobby for as long as I can remember. I shot headshots for friends even before I knew what an F-stop was. I shot headshots for the 5 people in my immediate family who were members of the Screen Actor's Guild and had a few headshot clients even while I worked as a video producer. A lot of the technical aspects of photography, I learned on my own with video courses and practice. In 2015 I revamped my headshot website which I had since 2003, and announced my headshot service to the general public.

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Canon EOS 80D


Canon 50mm f/1.8 | Canon 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 | Sigma 50-150mm f/2.8 | Canon 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6



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What do you love about your job?

I love interacting with my subject. We always have fun during the hour we spend together, and that comfort and relaxed environment leads to a positive experience and great looking pictures. I shoot headshots, and for someone to trust me to capture their essence with a face shot, can be intimidating. The face is very personal, often people tell me that they don't know what to do and that they always hate the way they look in pictures. It is my job to guide them and show them how photogenic they can be. It's awesome when I see their smiles as I show them some previews of the shots along the way. I want them to walk away feeling confident about the beautiful images we created.

What types of shoots have you done and how did you make them special?

I have shot headshots for many people who want to start a career in acting. Many come to me for their first headshot, and I make sure to show them techniques to look like pros. I teach them about clothing and makeup, and how to have expressive eyes. It's rewarding when they come back and tell me that they've been working and found representation. I have also done some headshots for people who are looking for their "soul mate" online, and they call me to say that they have gone on so many dates because of the improved pictures. A headshot can change someone's life.

Awards, honors, and recognitions received

No awards for photography, but I was nominated for 10 LA Emmy Awards as producer of a weekly business show on KTLA and won 3 times.

A fun fact about this photographer

I was born in South America, Chile, moved to West Hollywood in the 3rd grade, worked in TV for 15 years. I speak fluent Spanish and my French is not bad. I started swing dancing about 23 years ago. I love dogs and cats.

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