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Albalone Coralie L
Canon EOS 6D
Albalone is a French passionated photographer based in Melbourne. She started photography at 16 years old and chose to pursuit fashion photography after working mostly in portraiture. Her style is minimalist, moody and dramatic with a touch of graphic design structured into her work through collages. This helps her create uniquely original images. Albalone also likes to play with a soft and romantic ambience and embrace the body. Albalone's talents has drawn her into many collaborations with high-power brands and upcoming designers who help her bring together fascinating styles and cultural influences. Her vast experience under natural light makes her a specialist at on location shooting.
Kim J
Canon EOS 5D Mark III
I’m Kim. A Melbourne based photographer who captures striking, authentic and unique images. I regularly photograph food, drinks, restaurants, bars, event venues, as well as small businesses, spaces & interiors. I also love creating one-off portrait sessions for individuals, teams, families (even fur-families)! & occasionally couples on their special day.
Sarah T
Canon EOS 5D Mark III
I am a happy dispositioned, driven, creative individual. I work hard and strive to get the best possible shots. I am a perfectionist and a lover of all things visual. I love the creative output photography has given me to create something the way I envision it in my mind.
Alvaro F
Nikon D800; Nikon D5000
Alvaro Fuentes is a industrial designer by profession but photographer for passion. He has been working for different companies over the last years (Warner music Colombia, Mad Gourmet) . During that time ha has been able to develop his skill in photography, initially in the area of product photography and over the time explore and master other fields such as food photography, venues, weddings and concerts.
Alekszandra H
Nikon D750; Nikon D200
Alexandra is passionate photographer since 2008. In her photos she shows the beauty, emotions, grace, love and enthusiasm of people and what matters to them. She loves what she does, and she is proud of the images she produces. Her style is cute, timeless, candid and relaxed. Alexandra specialises in capturing the true spirit of the moment.
Jason Z
Canon EOS 5D Mark III; Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Jason believes a good picture is a picture that can speak, it should have a story to tell. Jason has good understanding about lights and shadows, he also likes to create, adding in new elements, trying new perspectives. He's aiming to produce something new every time he takes a shot, because every picture and every client is unique.
Adrian M
Canon EOS 5D Mark III; Canon EOS 5DS
Adrian has photographed with a committed, highly collaborative approach for internationally recognised brands and produces simply stunning images for all his clients. These clients include Airbnb, Delicious Magazine, Myer, Newsmodo, HPR, Sally Smart and many other personal commissions. He is known for his professional attitude towards his clients; their longevity, loyalty and trust, built over many years of delivering photographic content to meet their individual requirements, is a testament to his professionalism and passion for photography.
David C
Canon EOS 6D; Canon EOS 5D Mark II
David is an easy going type of photographer that willing to listen to his customer's need and try to achieve of what the customer really wanted. He would try to take extra mile to get what he wanted and try to learn new challenge in photography world as it evolves. His passion in photography especially in taking people expression and create a mood/story about the photo. His style of photography is more on natural type of photo.
Casey H
Canon EOS 6D
Casey Horsfield's passion for photography has been with him since he was a child. Photography has the amazing ability to effect people's emotions in various ways, by stealing a moment in time that passes so quickly and gives the viewer the advantage to go back to that moment when ever they feel the need. To visit loved ones who have passed, special moments in their lives that they cherish and moments that they may want to forget. Photography has the power to tell many visual stories and that's what he loves about it.
James O
Nikon D4; Nikon Df
James combines a sense of professionalism with an enthusiastic, adventurous approach to capturing and preserving memories. James combines a solid technical foundation with a keen eye and an artistic aesthetic.
Sabrina R
Nikon D800E; Nikon D700
Sabrina's interest in photography began at a very early age with the love capturing people and special moments. Sabrina Started of photographing Travel, Places and locations, She then become drawn to the Weddings and Family portraits and Events. Sabrina is outgoing friendly and makes you feel at ease in any shoot.
Ellenor A
Canon EOS 5D Mark III; Sony Alpha 7S II
With a background in motion pictures, Ellenor aims to capture the candid moments to tell an authentic story with her photography.
Vince M
Nikon D750; Nikon D700
Vince is a wedding photographer based in Melbourne. He has years of photography experience on both pre wedding and wedding day shoots. He records marriage moments from a special emotion angle, and creates lovely memories with passion. Photography is much more than a job for him. The camera helps him meet amazing couples in the world.
William L
Canon EOS-1D X; Canon EOS 5D Mark III
William is a driven, versatile and approachable young photographer, who has a wealth of experience in many different fields. With a want to learn more, and a want to improve on his existing skills, William approaches every job, no matter how big or small with the same clinical and careful approach.
Tearlach W
Canon EOS 5D Mark III; Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4; Hasselblad H4D-31; Hasselblad Medium Format Film
Tea is an event, wedding, and product photographer. He is also a commercial videographer. Tea chases subtle and emotive moments. He's personable, empathetic and loves to find people's unique style and personality, and capture it on film. He enjoys catching the pure moment of joy, seeing a great image captured forever.
Lara D
Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Lara is a Melbourne based commercial and lifestyle photographer working around Melbourne CBD & surrounds. She offers her clients high-end photography services, specialising in Real Estate and Food Photography. Many of her closest friends would tell that she is a very curious individual. She is drawn in by her curious nature to broaden her experience in Photography. She is a perfectionist when it comes to the finer details.
Gulsah C
Canon EOS 5D Mark II; Canon EOS 60D
Gulsah is a lifestyle and wedding photographer with a love for natural light, nature, little details, inspiring locations all things vintage. For Gulsah, photography isn't just a form of art, it is the process of inspiring her clients, of documenting their love, capturing a moment in time where life is still, and showcasing the beauty that surrounds us. She approaches her work with an artistic eye to create special photographs that her clients will cherish forever, along with a documentary style to capture those memorable moments that unfold on their special day.

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I have worked with Adrian for many years and utilised his services when I was unavailable. He did an excellent job and produced quality results that delighted the client. I'd recommend him for any kind of photography work.


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Featured photographer

Albalone Coralie L, Melbourne Photographer

Albalone Coralie L

How did you get started with photography?

My Dad offer me my first camera for my 16's birthday. Few months later, I got a job as a tourism photographer. Since then, I never stopped and was organising up to 3 photoshoots per week. I started to get known in my town and company was asking for professional service. I started my own business at 19 while I was still studying a real estate degree. After my degree, I realised real estate was not the right job for me so I left France for Australia and set myself as a freelancer in Melbourne. I learnt so much the past year about fashion photography and are now proud to see my work published in international fashion magazine.

What type of shoots do you enjoy doing the most?

As you can tell, I really like fashion. I also really like portrait because it's often a one at one photoshoot where you can feel more connected to the model than when you have a creative team around you. I have been working as a photographer in a kindergarten and it also was a lot of fun. I had to take candid shots of then with 10 minutes per kids. Playing in the sand, jumping around, running, racing on the bike, etc... so I was basically making a new friend every 10 minutes!

What are some of your favorite places in Melbourne to take photographs?

I am pretty open to any places to shoot. I always take it as a challenge to get the best images out of a difficult place. I mostly like parks like Fitzroy Garden, but also city rooftops, the RMIT basketball ground because of the colours and the light is really nice in the morning. Parliament is also a good location to shoot. There is many options in Melbourne and surrounding areas such as Richmond.

Melbourne Photography Statistics

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Average job star rating 4.9
Melbourne photography jobs per day 1664
Average length of photography job (hours) 3.8
Photos taken per hour in Melbourne 15885
Most popular Melbourne zip/post codes for bookings 3021, 3146, 3000, 3192, 3108

Featured photographer

Kim J, Melbourne Photographer

Kim J

How did you get started with photography?

Fatefully at the age of 21 on my first solo overseas journey I connected with a camera I found at an Airport I found in London. It reminded me of my childhood, how my Dad always had a camera in hand at the ready, also memories of studying media at school & the feeling of anticipation whilst waiting for film to develop......This began my love of photography......When my father passed years after it triggered life events that helped drive me to realise this medium was my love & therefore the passion to make it my career.

What type of shoots do you enjoy doing the most?

I enjoy events of all kinds as they are different on so many levels, from the people, to styling, food & venues. I love that I am able to capture so many aspects of the occasion, it's like documenting a story. The icing on the cake for me is when I see or hear the elation from my clients after they have viewed the images which often takes them back in time reliving that special event or seeing a moment they may have missed.

What are some of your favorite places in Melbourne to take photographs?

I don't generally have a favourite of anything as for me things change all the time, depending on my mood, feeling or what time of day it is. That is also what is great about what I do.....being able to make the mundane & ordinary look great! Never judge a book by it's cover!

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